The Da Vinci Code

I watched that movie last Saturday afternoon at G4. With John, of course.

The movie was absolutely fascinating. Of course, I have already read the book. When I was still in high school. Hehe. That’s when the book first came out. Couldn’t wait for it to become a movie. The movie, I think deserves the rating R-18. My brothers and sisters, who were still not 18, watched the movie. And they asked me so many questions. I gladly explained some things. And I lectured them saying, “THAT is why they made it restricted for adults.”

Oh well. Since it was R-18, this would be a chance to use one of my privileges of being an 18-year-old, I thought. But I was stunned when I was asked by the security to show an ID. Everyone was allowed to go inside without being asked to show their IDs. I know I am petite, but I guess I may have looked like a child. No, I wasn’t wearing pigtails. No, I don’t have a lollipop in my mouth. Before we got to the theater, my boyfriend was kidding me that I may not be allowed to enter. Hahaha. Such a clairvoyant. But whatever. In addition to my school ID, I also presented my credit card and other what-haves. Though none of them showed any birthdate, I thought they would suffice. Since the line was getting long behind my back, they asked me my birthday, to which I immediately replied. Alas, I was allowed to enter.

DUH. I know I have a teeny voice, and I may have sounded like a kid.

BUT, I am already 18.


Before watching the movie, John and I went to Wendy’s for a while. Actually, I wanted a frappe. Yes, I want the mocha banana frappe. Oh so yummy. But he made me feel that he doesn’t want one. Hehehe. So we went to Wendy’s instead where I ordered iced tea. He ordered a burger which he didn’t finish eating. He was on the verge of vomiting. Hehe. I kidded him as being a dog. So carsick. 😛

After the movie, we went around the mall for a while. I’m so glad I still know the place. Though not by heart anymore. At least we didn’t get lost. I bought some stuff at National Book Store. Which reminds me that I forgot my Laking National Card. So much for having one. 😛

Then he was like always asking me if I still need anything. He wants to go home early. And I still want to stay. *sigh* I guess we’d be going home really early. But it’s ok though. We didn’t buy anything else after that. I asked him if he’s gonna buy anything else and he said no. Hmmm, OKAY. I guess it’s time to go home then.

The other John, my friend from Leyte, kept on texting me though. He’s jealous of MY JOHN. Hehe. He asked me if MY JOHN bought me stuff. I said “NO. Why?” He said, “I just don’t want him buying you stuff.”

*raises eyebrow*

Hmmm, OKAY. I texted back, “No worries. He never does that.” And he was like, “Oh goodie.”

Lolz. As if.

But then I didn’t text him after that because he MY JOHN and I were listening to some songs. hehe. Was too lazy to reply. 😛

I was also texting with Vendz. My dear Vendz. Waah. I super miss her. Weeeeee. ^__^ We were exchanging text messages at 5 in the morning. Lolz. I think I woke her up. 😛

I was also about to text Fragments but I figured he’s still in dreamland. 😛 Wokiedokie fragments. I have a surprise for you. Weeee.


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