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Lantern Parade (December 14, 2006)

This is the first and the best lantern parade that I’ve attended! Why? Well, we’re just simply the winners. hehehe… We won: Merriest Group Award, Best Facade, and Best Lantern. What we didn’t win: Most Colorful Award. Ü

Anyway, after the Parade, our batch had our dinner at Popeye’s. Then, we decided to have fun at Baywalk. After walking the whole lot, we rested for a while… that’s while listening to the great music at Baywalk.

Then, my friends (especially Arjay) suggested that we go biking at the CCP. Yes, we walked the whole way from the College of Pharmacy up to CCP Biking Area. Can you believe how far that was? hahaha! My feet were so tired after that.

But, biking was really fun! And it was almost midnight when we finished.

Having no place to go but ours and Eizel’s (since we live near), the batch decided to sleep over at our house. It was really great! Even the IP Block was there. Hehehe.

Those 2 days were absolutely the best! Hope it happens again! ♥

P.S. Pics are from Eizel’s cam. Captions will be updated next time. *wink*


Bulagaan (December 8, 2006)

This is like a variety show in the College of Pharmacy. 🙂 This is really really fun! I can’t find words to explain how fun this was! Our batch won the awards for best performance, best female performer (Eizel), and best male performer (Berns). ♥ After the Bulagaan, our batch stayed overnight at CP so that we could finish our stuff for the Lantern Parade. That’s how we put our heart into things! hehehe…

FJCPPhA (November 18, 2006)

We were Champions in the Cheerdance category! 🙂

Random School Photos

These are pics taken randomly during the 2nd sem of AY 06-07. Ü