Monthly Archives: December 2007

AKKAP’s Kwento Concierto (December 15, 2007)


AKKAP Med Mission at Pasig (November 10, 2007)

Location: an Elementary School in Pasig

My first story-telling experience… Totally awesome. 😀

AKKAP’s 1st High School Storytelling Contest (September 13, 2007)

Location: Emilio T. Yap Auditorium, College of Pharmacy

*I wasn’t one of the contestants.. hihi. I was one of the emcees though.*

New Layout! :D

Happy Holidays!  I have a new layout, friends!

Thanks to mixthemes for this fab layout! I was actually choosing between a Christmas-y layout… and a layout for all seasons. Ahahaha! So I ended up using the Christmas-y layout for AKKAP instead.

Btw, Happy Birthday to my lovely sister Mariah! Mwah!

Cheers to all! Merry Christmas!