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Surprise surprise… :D

Galing ako sa shooting kanina… Interview. ^__^

Hehe. Kung para saan, malalaman nyo rin. Kung ano mga sinabi ko, malalaman nyo rin.

Abangan. 😀

July 13 (Sunday) 8:30 pm at Studio 23.

Wee! ^___^


From my notebook…

I saw a blue notebook in my bookshelf… I grab it. I open it.

Lo and behold. I have here hundreds of excerpts of articles, poems, quotes, and many more… all pertaining to life and love. 🙂

And I will share them with you one by one. ^__^

This is the first… because this is probably the most shallow of all.

Back then, when I entered this scene in this blue notebook, I was awed by how perfect and simple the lines were. 🙂 So here it goes…

Girl: Hon, bakit mo ko love?
Guy: Ang iyong mata’y sing ning-ning ng mga bituin.
Girl: Luma na yan eh…
Guy: You… *clears throat* You complete me.
Girl: Napanood ko na yan, ano?
Guy: Ah… ah… tayong dalawa…
Girl: Ano? *sweet voice*
Guy: Always tama ang timpla.
Girl: Ah… love mo ako talaga. 🙂

Hehe. It’s from a commercial. 😛

The guy is just sooo sweet… “Always tama ang timpla.” ^__^

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