My Experiences!

Instructions: BOLD the phrases that you’ve already experienced.

smoked a cigarette [Tried once when I was sooo young.]
madeout with a member of the same sex [When we were kids… It was just a kiss.]
crashed a friend’s car
stolen a car
been in “love” [Of course!]
been dumped
been fired
been in a fist fight
snuck out of my parent’s house
had feelings for someone who didnt have them back [Oh yeah! Btw, mali yung grammar ng phrase na to. Haha.]
been arrested
made out with a stranger
gone on a blind date
lied to a friend [We call that white lies. :D]
had a crush on a teacher [hahaha!]
been to Europe
skipped school [I skipped classes…]
slept with a co-worker
seen someone die
had a crush on one of your online friends
been to Canada
been to Mexico
been on a plane [just a few times…]
thrown up in a bar
purposely set a part of myself on fire [I’m not that crazy!]
eaten Sushi [I love Sushi!\
been snowboarding
met someone in person from online accounts i.e. Multiply, Tabulas, Friendster, etc.
been moshing at a concert
been in an abusive relationship
taken painkillers [almost every month!]
love someone or miss someone right now [Yeah… *sniff*]
laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by [Ahaha. I did a few times a long time ago…]
made a snow angel
had a tea party
flown a kite
built a sand castle
gone puddle jumping
played dress up [Almost everyday!]
jumped into a pile of leaves
gone sledding
cheated while playing a game [Shhh… Don’t tell.]
been lonely
fallen asleep at work/school [Kakaantok kasi minsan…]
used a fake id
watched the sunset
felt an earthquake
touched a snake
slept beneath the stars [Did this in Cagayan with Eiz, Randy, Joyce, and Kriscel]
been tickled [Sino bang hindi?]
been robbed [Yeah… cellphones and money.]
been misunderstood [Not often though.]
petted a reindeer/goat
won a contest [Of course!]
run a red light
been suspended from school
been in a car accident
had braces
felt like an outcast [Some long time ago…]
eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night [I lurve ice cream!]
had deja vu [Scary…]
danced in the moonlight
hated the way you look [*sigh*]
witnessed a crime [Been a victim myself.]
pole danced
questioned your heart [No comment na lang. :P]
been obsessed with post-it notes [Yeah! I use them a lot to organize my life!]
squished barefoot through the mud
been lost [Sa mall pa… Huhu.]
been to the opposite side of the country
swam in the ocean [Pacific Ocean and South China Sea!]
felt like dying [Ahaha… a few times.]
cried yourself to sleep [Lots of times na…]
played cops and robbers
recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers [I still have my coloring book. Hehe.]
sung karaoke [I love doing this!]
paid for a meal with only coins [Syempre. Damit gamitin ang coins no!]
done something you told yourself you wouldn’t [ang dami.]
made prank phone calls [Hehehe.]
laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose [This happens… :P]
caught a snowflake on your tongue
danced in the rain
written a letter to Santa Claus
been kissed under a mistletoe
watched the sun rise with someone you care about
blown bubbles
made a bonfire on the beach
crashed a party
gone rollerskating
had a wish come true
humped a monkey
worn pearls [I love pearls!]
jumped off a bridge
screamed penis in class
ate dog/cat food [Did this when I had a shih tzu…]
told a complete stranger you loved them
kissed a mirror [Try to put lipstick on a mirror!]
sang in the shower [Everytime!]
have a little black dress [An LBD is an absolutely must have!]
had a dream that you married someone [And it will not come true…]
glued your hand to something
got your tongue stuck to a flag pole
kissed a fish
worn the opposite sexes clothes [I love boxers!]
been a cheerleader
sat on a roof top
screamed at the top of your lungs
done a one-handed cartwheel
talked on the phone for more than 6 hours
stayed up all night [Ganito talaga pag nasa UP!]
didn’t take a shower for a week
pick and ate an apple right off the tree
climbed a tree
had a tree house
are scared to watch scary movies
believe in ghosts
have more than 30 pairs of shoes
worn a really ugly outfit to school just to see what others say
gone streaking
played ding-dong-ditch
played chicken
been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on
been told you’re hot by a complete stranger
broken a bone
been easily amused
caught a fish then ate it
made porn
caught a butterfly
laughed so hard you cried
cried so hard you laughed
mooned/flashed someone
had someone moon/flash you
cheated on a test
have a Britney Spears CD
forgotten someone’s name
slept naked [Nung nagkasunburn ako!]
French braided someone’s hair
gone skinny dippin in a pool
been threatened to be kicked out of your house
been kicked out your house


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