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What’s In? (Fall 2008 Shoes and Bags Collection)


Here’s what’s in right now… That is, for fall. 😛 However, it’s the start of the rainy season here in the Philippines. *sniff* But these are still wearable (when the sun is out). ^___^

Check out the Manolo Blahnik and the Christian Louboutin (with the trademark red lacquer sole) shoes… They’re absolutely lovely! 😀

Another noticeable thing is the unique heel design of the Versace pump… Quite fashionable right now are animal prints. Though I suggest you use faux leather… you know, protect animal rights. 😀

If you want colorful and trendy shoes, go for Jimmy Choos. Think Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City. 🙂

So there, enjoy and stay beautiful!


Justin Timberlake… is my one big crush. ^___^

I have this big crush on Justin Timberlake…Ever since he released the FutureSex/LoveSounds album of his, my admiration for him went from 25% to 99%. He’s sooo drool-worthy. Lolz. Okay, stop it. I’m gushing like a high school girl.

Anyway, he is just fabulous. Great voice, great dance moves, great body, and great looks. Great great great great. And oh… just look at him! See what I mean?

I just want the world to know…

… that I am in love with him.


is waaaaay freaking me out. 

Running on Low Disk Space

I cannot believe this… My laptop’s memory is going kapuuuuut. 

I am sooo heartbroken.

What happens when the computer says that you’re running on low disk space on one of your drives? Days ago, I have gigabytes of space there. And then just today, it says “You are running very low on disk space…” How did that happen?

It says that my Drive C has only 330 MB of free space. My other drive still has gigabytes of space. Anyway, I tried going through every folder and even deleting some games!

Still, no space available. There’s this almost 2 GB of disk space unaccounted for. I tried to select the SHOW HIDDEN FILES option in the FOLDER OPTIONS… Then I pressed the APPLY button. But nothing shows up! It’s impossible. I’m really sure that something is HIDDEN…

I’m so sad because I just got this laptop reformatted last summer. And now, here we go again. Looks like I have to reformat this again. This is very much tedious work for my dad. Poor him.

Mind you, I don’t use this often anymore… I think my brothers and sisters are to blame for this phenomenon. Lolz… My bad.

But I have a big hunch that they’re the ones who were introducing viruses into this computer. Opening links and playing games over the internet. Darn… Didn’t they know that the Internet is one big pool of viruses and worms and whatever stuff?


I told them to be more careful in using this. Haay. This is really depressing. I have only two people who can fix this for me… One is my dad. I know he’ll do this for me… But not now. He’s tooo busy. And the other one is my bestfriend John… who has a girlfriend who’s totally jealous of me. 😦

What shall I do?