Beauty Survey

Rating: ★★★★★
Category: Other


What Shampoo brand do you use? Palmolive

What Conditioner do you use? Palmolive

Do you use a flat-iron daily? No. I have naturally straight hair.

What styling products do you use? I use Laminates from Going Straight and the Clay Doh from Bench.

Do you prefer your hair to be up or down? Down. It’s really hard to keep my hair up.

Is your hair long or short? Loooong.

Do you dye your hair? Nope.

Do you use the same color, or do you experiment with other colors all the time? If ever I do, I’d use the same color only… which is probably close to my natural hair color.


Do you wear make-up? All the time. Although on school days, I just go with powder, blush, and lip gloss.

What brand of foundation do you wear? I don’t have a foundation right now. But I’m looking into getting a Maybelline Dream Matte™ Mousse Foundation. 🙂

What brand of Mascara? Maybelline. 🙂

What color blush do you wear? Clinique… I forgot the color. I’m running out of it as well. So I’m getting a L’Oreal True Match Blush or Bare Naturale.

Lip stick or lip gloss? I love lip gloss!

If the answer is gloss, what flavor? Doesn’t matter. But I love those that leave a cool feeling on my lips.

What kind of cleanser do you use? Olay. Although I’m now switching to Celeteque. 🙂

Do you use the Biore pore strips? No


Are your nails natural or fake? Natural

Long or short? My nails are naturally short. Even if I have them long, they still look short. Lolz.

What color do you normally paint your nails? I love metallics and pinks and shades of pink, red, purple…

Do you get manicures often? Yeah. I do it myself.

What about pedicures? Yes, I do it myself.

Do you paint your toenails? All the time.

What color? Same color as the nails on my hands.


What is your normal style? Simple and comfy. I’m not too trendy. Lolz.

What is your favorite brand of clothes? I go for any brand. But I’m loving Topshop, Zara, and Forever21 right now.

Where do you normally shop for clothes? Any mall… sometimes online.

Do you like to dress up, or are you more casual? Depends. 🙂

Do you wear a belt with all of your pants? No. I hate belts.

Do you like flared leg pants? It’s okay. Although I go for skinny these days.

Do you wear shorts in the summer? Yup!

How about tank tops? Yeah I do. 🙂

How many pairs of jeans do you own? I have a lot… Half of my closet is full of jeans in various colors and styles. I just don’t wear them much coz most of them don’t fit me anymore. 😦


How many pairs of shoes do you have? More than 10. I love shoes.

Would you wear a pair of shoes that hurt your feet because they are too cute not to wear? Yes. 😀

Are you a flip-flop lover? Before… But I’ve outgrown it.

What about stilletos? Love it!

What size shoe do you wear? Size 6-7.

Do you own a lot of dressy shoes? Yeah. 🙂

Do you own any Mary-Janes? My black school shoes in HS? Lolz.


What is your favorite accessory? Earrings. I have tons of them. Thanks to Kate! 😀

Do you have a lot of jewelry? Yeah. 🙂 Thanks to my parents and grandma!

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own? I think 3… but I’m planning on buying 2 soon. 😀

Don’t you just love the big sunglasses? Yeah. I do.

Do you wear earrings daily? All the time. Even at home. Lolz.

What about necklaces? Not so much… 🙂 It depends on the clothes I’m wearing.

Rings? I have one which I always wear.

Bracelets? Uh-uh. Not so much a fan of bracelets. It hinders my writing.

How many watches do you own? Just 2.

Do you wear a watch daily? Yeah. 🙂

How many purses do you have? A lot.

Do you switch purses often? Depends. The one I use for school is a mainstay. I just change when I’m going out somewhere else.

Does your wallet have to match your purse? No.

Are your purses the huge ones, or are they smaller? I love the huge ones. I bring so much stuff with me everywhere. 😛



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