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Top 10 sa January 2009 Pharmacy Boards

Top 10 January 2009 Pharmacist

The successful examinees who garnered the top 10 places in the Pharmacist Licensure Examination January 2009 are:

1. Eunice Te Dy Kim Ching, University of the Philippines-Manila – 93.78%
2. Andrew Edward Barcelo Ty, University of the Philippines-Manila – 91.50%
3. Armand James Gallego Gaspar, University of the Philippines-Manila – 91.45%
4. Jesus Dante Ii Coronado Pascual, University of the Philippines-Manila – 91.38%
5. Ariane Anne Santiago Tejada, University of the Philippines-Manila – 91.32%

6. Shirley Erly Valera Tamolang, University of Santo Tomas – 91.27%
7. Madeleine Ascaño Reyes, Mariano Marcos State University-Batac – 91.07%
8. Darlene Anne Sy Go, University of Perpetual Help Rizal-Las Piñas – 91.00%
9. Arjay Edlex Garcia Mendoza, University of the Philippines-Manila – 90.92%
10. Jennen Ang Wong, University of San Carlos – 90.40%

 Congrats friends. Ang galing nyo talaga! 🙂 When ang party? Hehe. 🙂 Congratulations to all the board passers! Mabuhay!


After a long time…

I’m back and blogging again. 🙂

I miss blogging. It’s just that I haven’t found time to really write long entries. Most of the time, I’m only plurking and plurking. (See my account at With plurk, I can sum up my feelings in 140 characters. Hehe. Not much substance but sometimes, it’s the perfect spot for me to share what and how I feel.

I miss him. We had a fight last night. Basically because I was really disappointed with the way things are going between us. I just wish that time will soon come for us to be together again. When will be the time that we’ll be able to show the world how we truly feel for each other?

Sometimes, I tend to be so wrapped up in my own world in school that I forget to think of others who are also part of my life. I’m sorry… I hope you understand that with all the problems that I have, being alone is probably the only thing that would make me sane at times.

But that doesn’t mean that I hate your company. In fact, I prefer having company than being alone. I just miss the times that we’re together. I miss the way we hug… kiss… and more hugs.

I miss you.

A night hanging out with Alfred (January 17, 2009)

Yesterday, I was already up by 6am. Met with Kuya Raymond at 9am. Met with Alfred around 10am for the shirts. Went to UP Manila. Had lunch at 11am with Rizza and Giselle at Red Ribbon. Study study…

Microbiology Lec Exam at 1pm. Supposed to last for 1 hour and 30 minutes but I went out after an hour. I couldn’t extract anything more eh. Huhuhu.

Tambay mode at CP Lobby watching Pharm people dance for Sayaw Manila. Ang galing pala ni Cedrix sumayaw! Hehe.

Was supposed to go the Plurker’s EB at Demi’s place. Kaya lang, it’s in Paranaque pa and I have to meet Alfred and Kuya Raymond again at 6pm yesterday. Huhu.

So I went to MoMo instead and stayed there for 2 hours. I was studying naman… so okay lang. Couldn’t stand sitting for 2 hours straight so I walked around Robinson’s. I could stand walking and shopping than sitting for 2 hours and writing. Lolz.

6pm na and Kuya Raymond will be late daw. So I went to Powerbooks instead and read a book about bags and collecting them. Alfred went to Powerbooks at around 7pm to meet me. Thank goodness. I’ve got company na. I hate being alone by myself. 😦

We went shopping first… Grabe pala magshopping ang lalake. Pag nakita na ang gusto, yun na agad. Haha. Ang bilis. Pero nahirapan kami pumili ng top for him. Maarte kasi. Lolz. But we got a good one from Maldita. 😀 Bagay sa kanya!

At around 8 or 9pm, we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and I ordered The Ultimate Mocha Ice Blended for me and Extreme Mocha Ice Blended for him. Stayed there till Kuya Raymond arrived at 10pm. 😀 Uber kwentuhan and tawanan mode lang naman kami. Haha!

At around 10:30, Kuya arrived and we met with him at MoMo. He told me he was going to treat me to dinner but I honestly didn’t feel like eating eh. Too tired and sleepy already that time. Sorry Kuya, next time. 🙂 He ordered salad to go. 🙂

Went home after that. I rode a cab, and dun sya sa motor nya. Ang funny coz naabutan nya yung cab ko. Parang may chaperone tuloy ako. Haha.

Haay… sleep at last. 🙂

What my Study Desk looks like… (January 14, 2009)

I was in the University Library this time. And I was rewriting my Microbiology Lecture notes.

– brown envelope on the left side (but I usually place it on the right side)
– my “everything” notebook
– my Microbiology lecture notebook
– pencil case
– black and blue ink pens (color coded notes)
– correction fluid (very essential to keep things neat!)
– ruler (for tables)
– ID (just in case I’d be borrowing a book)
– tissue (for washroom trips)
– bracelet (can’t leave home without one. But I remove it when I’m writing something.)
– coin purse (where I keep coins and receipts)
– wallet (where everything else is)

That’s all. 😛 Before, I’d bring my kikay kit pa inside. But not anymore… I do touch-ups outside. Hehe. So I’d be bringing in less baggage inside. 😀

With the Dogs (January 12, 2009)

Wore a lab gown on my way home coz my uniform got a stain. Boohoo!

Anyway, when I arrived home, I couldn’t help but be awed by the kawaii-ness of the puppies. So in the tradition of Monique, took pictures with them including Ginny, their mother. 😀