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UPCP Survey

This test is to measure how much UP College of Pharmacy life has been experienced by a UP College of Pharmacy student. This test is only applicable to students and alumni of UP College of Pharmacy, which would be referred to as the sample in the procedure thereafter. A UP College of Pharmacy student is defined as someone is currently enrolled in an undergraduate course in UP College of Pharmacy, which could be either BS Pharmacy or BS Industrial Pharmacy. A UP College of Pharmacy alumnus is defined as someone who has already graduated from the either undergraduate courses of UP College of Pharmacy given above.

Select one sample, and have the sample answer the questionnaire given below. If the phrase is applicable to the sample, place a check at the space given at the left side of the phrase.

A pre-treatment of 10 seconds of deep breathing should be done by the sample before answering the questionnaire given below.

Batch 1
[x] Had broken a glassware
[x] Had more than one laboratory gown
[x Had failed a subject
[ ] Had feared staying/being kicked out because of MRR
[x] Had attended FNyt
[x] Had attended Bulagaan
[x] Had attended Siklab
[x] Had not slept because of academic obligations
[ ] Had helped in preparing the college facade
[x] Had helped in preparing the college lantern
[x] Had been a member of a college-based organization
[x] Had an “excellent” lab report
[x] Had a “needs improvement” lab report
[x] Had a “what else?” comment in a lab report
[x] Had a GMP-compliant white shoes
[x] Had an OT (over-titrated) assay trial 
[x] Had used a viscometer
[x] Had used a caliper
[x] Had used a pH meter
[x] Had kept a carbon paper in your school needs
[x] Had an exam you did not finish answering because of time constraint

Batch 2
[x] Had performed onstage in FNyt
[x] Had performed onstage in Bulagaan
[x] Had performed onstage in Siklab
[x] Had broken a single glassware worth Php500 or higher
[ ] Had failed 3 or more subjects
[ ] Had stayed beyond MRR in the college
[x] Had run for a seat in UPPha
[x] Had spent a night inside the college
[x] Had an OT!!!/SOT/UT assay trial
[x] Had experienced hands-on use of HPLC (done program run, sample injection)
[x] Had calibrated a pH meter
[x] Had an exam score of 30% or lower

The amount of UP College of Pharmacy life experienced by the sample is calculated by the equation:


where B1 is the number of checks from the Batch 1 questionnaire, and B2 is the number of checks from Batch 2. 

My score:
3(19) + 4(10) = 97! Wow. Ang taas! 🙂