Bacolod Day 2

If you’d ask about the weather, I’d say it’s hot here in Bacolod. But then, it’s steadily raining in the evening which totally makes up for it.

I spent the whole day giving a lecture on Product Knowledge. I am loving the food here in Bacolod. Or maybe it’s because I love anything chicken. 🙂 For the first day, I had the (overly missed) breakfast at McDonald’s. Sausage Platter with Rice and hot chocolate! Yippee! Weird that I’d be craving McDo when there are lots back home. Then for lunch, I was treated to a delicious and warm bowl of authentic La Paz Batchoy from the Super Batchoy House. I love it! It’s so fulfilling and it’s really the best I have ever tasted! As for dinner, check out my previous post.

For my second day here in Bacolod, I had breakfast at Jollibee for a change. It was quite a walk. Whew! Whenever I go to provincial trips, I mainly walk. I’m afraid of getting lost so I’d rather walk around so at least I’d be able to trace my steps back to my starting point.

Anyway, for lunch, I tried their local version of Mang Inasal. As for me, chicken tastes like the same back in Manila. But I was informed that this is not the authentic timpla of inasal. I’m dying to try their local inasal. 🙂

Enough about food. I’d like to introduce my trainees for this provincial training. They are very bright students! Plus, I love their well thought of questions. I love it when they throw questions at me, at least I know that they’re listening intently. 🙂

Zette, RenRen, Lyn, Seph, and Baby Girl

Zette, RenRen, Lyn, Seph, and Baby Girl

With Libertad Bacolod Trainees

With Libertad Bacolod Trainees

Another one :)

Another one 🙂

Zette, RenRen, and Lyn

Zette, RenRen, and Lyn

Baby Girl and Seph

Baby Girl and Seph


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