Purple Oven

Had a busy but productive day. We had a meeting with Philhealth and UP Manila College of Pharmacy regarding a project. So excited for this project. Been reading a lot too about this. Gonna be super busy for the next 3 months!

Anyway, we passed by a bakeshop in Pasig called Purple Oven. According to sources, Purple Oven is where Starbucks get their cakes and pastries.

Purple Oven

Purple Oven (Photo Credit: Ganch Aguas)

There were already a lot of customers when we got in. It was quite hard to choose which one to buy because a lot of my favorites were there. There were revel bars and of course, my favorite, Banoffee Pie. Eventually, we settled on getting Bannoffee Pie which costs only P650. Click here to view their complete menu.

The Banoffee Pie was heavenly! Even though it feels like we were exceeding 2 days of caloric requirements, it was indeed a guilty pleasure. It was creamy and sweet and oh my gosh, words can’t fully describe how it tasted. If only Purple Oven has a branch in Paranaque, I’d love to go there again and again!

You may visit Purple Oven at 63 St Peter St. Oranbo, Pasig. Contact at (02) 631-4221.


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