Sophya Libris E-Book Giveaway

Sophya Libris E-Book Giveaway

Sophya Libris E-Book Giveaway

As part of our advocacy to promote reading, Sophya Libris is holding a giveaway… FREE E-BOOK PER EMAIL!

All you have to do is:

  1. Like our Facebook page:
  2. Follow us on Twitter: @JMoniqueSanchez (optional)
  3. Send me a message with your Facebook URL, Twitter Username (if applicable), title of book that you want, preferred format (e.g. MOBI, EPUB, PDF, etc.), and your email address. Or you can use this contact form:
  4. Wait for the email and enjoy reading!
  5. Share this giveaway to your friends. 🙂

Only one e-book will be sent per email address. You can place up to 3 titles as choices if ever the first choice is not available.

My e-book collection consists of classics, children’s, young adult, non-fiction, fiction, references, comics, magazines, and more including the latest bestsellers. Again, you can choose any e-book that you want. In the event that the e-book is to large to be sent online, you will be sent a download link where you can download it directly from my online database. 🙂

Let’s all share the gift of love for reading!

*E-books at Sophya Libris normally costs 10 – 20 pesos depending on the type. UNLI E-books Promo is also available for only P500 which includes a lifetime unlimited access to the online database (updated weekly with new e-books).

*Promo lasts until October 31, 2012.

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