Quick Delivery from Sample Room

Look what came in today! 🙂

Package from Sample Room

Package from Sample Room

Remember when I posted about getting samples from the Sample Room? Well, I received them today! That was very fast. Kudos Sample Room!

Cute paper bag from Sample Room

Cute paper bag from Sample Room

Cute Sample Room sticker

Cute Sample Room sticker

As ordered, I received full sizes of Celeteque DermoScience Restorative Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum and the Gluta-C Intense Whitening Underarm & Bikini Gel. 

Celeteque and Gluta-C

Celeteque and Gluta-C

I am definitely thrilled! Imagine, I only paid P 100 for these 2 products which are worth P 1,098.75. Amazing indeed! The frugal goddess in me is dancing right now. ^_^

I’ll be posting reviews in a few days. Visit the Sample Room website to check how you can get yours too.


♥ Monique ♥



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One thought on “Quick Delivery from Sample Room

  1. […] This product gives something like an instant face lift. Super love this product! Read more on how I got this from Sample Room. Next, I use Garnier‘s Whiten & Even Moisturizing Cream as a moisturizer. Before, […]

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