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Pet Society: New Coin Hack

Hi! After such a long time, I’ll be posting a cheat again. I can’t do much game-related activities nowadays since I’m so busy with school and with our student paper… Well, anyway, this cheat is kinda depressing because it’ll take a while to get a lot of money. But the key *again* here is PATIENCE. 😀

Here goes…


Adobe Flash Player 9 (Cheat Engine doesn’t work with the latest version 10. If you currently have Flash Player 10, uninstall it. Go to Control Panel –> Add/Remove Programs. Find the program Flash Player 10 ActiveX/Plugin and uninstall both. Install Flash Player 9.)
Cheat Engine 5.5
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (Firefox is required since the cheat doesn’t work well with Internet Explorer.)

1. Open Pet Society in Facebook.
2. Open Cheat Engine and select process firefox.exe.
3. Sell an apple.
4. Play jump rope. Play 1 or 2 jumps. 🙂
5. In Cheat Engine, tick the box beside hex and paste: 408B0000011D840F
6. Change value type to 8 bytes.
7. Also Scan Read Only Memory
8. Hit FIRST SCAN and you get one result.
9. Right click on the result and choose “Disassemble this memory region.”
10. Right click and go to address.
11. Copy address and paste code into Pet Society New Cheat Code Generator.
12. Now, do the same steps for this hex: 4589C47589544F8B
13. Copy the second address and paste in the code generator again.
14. A cheat window will pop-up and copy the cheat.
15. Choose Tools >> Auto-assemble and paste cheat code.
16. Go back to Cheat Engine Window and paste the code below.
17. Enable/disable cheat.
18. Perform Cheat in Pet Society window. 🙂

That’s it. Basically same instructions as in my previous posts… if you got lost, I got detailed instructions in my old coin hack post. Just check that out.

Good luck! 🙂