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A Love Like Yours

I was about to type an entry about the Anti-GMA SONA Rally I attended, but a whiff of the favorite perfume of a dear friend drove me to click and open my personal folder.

Point. Double-click. Look. Point. Double-click. Search. Assorted Documents.

It was then that I saw a poem. Thoughts of my friend came up suddenly like mushrooms during the rain.

I opened it and I remembered this poem came in an email. Alongside the poem was a very touching heartfelt message. I decided to read the poem again. Just so.

A Love Like Yours, the title said.

Damn. I don’t think I ever want to read this again. This poem that touched my heart, this poem that came from a friend, this poem that aptly described the then situation. Reading this would bring back haunting memories… and I’m quite sure of that.

But I persisted, I continued to read.

You came into my life
when I needed you the most,
you offered me your heart,
your support and held me so close.
You guided me out of all my misery,
you cared, you listened
and you set all of my worries free.
You gave me strength when I was weak
you reached for my hand
to guide me back on my feet.

You offered me your shoulder
when I needed to cry.
You encouraged me to stay strong
and to always try.
You are like a sweet angel from the sky.
You bring me so much joy
and you lift my spirits so high.

Should I go on? Yes? No? Yes.

You always were the one that stood by me
you assured me how beautiful my life could be
you took away all my pain and sadness
you gave me hope and showed patience
and erased my sorrows and madness.

You have captured my heart and soul,
you are what I need, you know.
You are truly my very best
and you stand out above the rest.
You really mean the world to me,
you are everything that true love should be.
You are not only my friend and lover,
you are the one that I want to be with forever.
You are truly my one soul mate,
you are my destiny, my everything
and you are my faith.

Alas, I finished perusing the long-forgotten poem. After reading, I pondered on our past. You were the one who walked away, not I. I know I was selfish. I thought of nothing but myself. I never realized that I hurt you… until now.

The past is past. How many times have I told you that? And yes, we could never be more than friends. So I guess now you know why I told you that shocking words over a serving of Jollibee Ice Craze. Those words you heard were of concern. I don’t want to hurt you more. I just want you to stop hoping… that someday we could be together. It’s all for the better.

For all those is just a dream. I hope you understand. Kisa, it’s time to move on.


Looking forward to…

I’m gonna list the events/things that would happen to me and the things that I should do this week.


~ Sleep till noon
~ Audit G-Unit Net Cafe records
~ study for exams on History I and Soc Sci I


~ attend SONA at Batasan, Commonwealth Avenue


nothing much…


NO PE and NSTP class too!

I won’t go to school unless there’s a KULE meeting. 😀


~ submit reaction paper regarding SONA for Soc Sci I
~ test on Soc Sci I and History I


~ detox day!


~ Batch Consolidation (Manila Collegian)

So many things to do, so little time.

P.S. I have mosquito bites all over my left arm. *cries* It’s very itchy and the patches are all red! *sobs* Anyway, I miss Lucius.


This week had been very toxic for me. (Actually, the following week would be too.) Acad Exams, Manila Collegian activities, and everything else kept me really busy.

Want to know what I really want right now?

Sleep beside my love.

That’s all and I’m happy already. I just want to detoxify… Hopefully, I could detoxify soon after the exams. Darn. I sooo want to rest for a whole day! Save me, you guys. Where are you when I need you? (Heck, how dramatic.)

Anyhoo, just wanna tell you guys that I’m still alive. (As if you all care.) Hahaha.

I want to sleep. Imma post a really good entry when I have time. So sorry for not being active in Tabulas. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you guys ASAP.

Love ya guys. Mwah!

Isang Buhay sa Tambakan

Gusto mo ba ng good time?

Bagot ka na ba sa buhay mong panay aral na lang?

Matagal-tagal na ba mula nang makapanood ka ng isang magandang palabas?

Kung OO…

Kami ay nang-aanyaya sa panibagong produksyon ng HARLEQUIN THEATRE GUILD ng DLSU-Manila na pinamagatang ISANG BUHAY SA TAMBAKAN ng National Artist for Literature na si Rolando Tinio. Nga pala, ang Harlequin Theatre Guild ang nag-iisang theatre company ng De La Salle-Manila, kaya astig ang mga taga-rito.


Ano? Di mo kilala si Rolando Tinio? Sige na nga. Pagbibigyan kita. Eto, para may idea ka. Tingnan mo to. (Sus!)

Ito ay itatanghal sa William Shaw Little Theatre sa loob ng campus. Ito ay magaganap sa mga ss. na show dates:

AUGUST 3, Wednesday (UBREAK SHOW) >> Open pa rin ito para sa lahat! <<
1.00-2.30 pm

AUGUST 4, Thursday
6 pm

AUGUST 6, Saturday (2 shows)

10 am
3 pm

Sa halagang Php. 110 lang, masasabi mo sa sarili mong nakitikim ka na patuloy na pagyabong ng kultura at sining sa bansang Pilipinas.

Ano? Game ka ba? Siguraduhin mo lang na kakayanin mo ito. Bawal dito ang papatay-patay!

Ngayon, kung desidido ka na talagang makisali sa pagbabagong ito, i-text mo lang ang numerong ito: 0917-9222394 o mag-email ka sa o para sa ticket inquiries.

Kung ako sa iyo, maghahatak ako ng mga kasama ko, kasi kapag marami kayo, maaari kayong bigyan ng discount! Yan eh kung marami talaga kayo ha.

Ano? Kunin na ang cellphone o magpipipindot na ng keyboard at kontakin na kami!

Ang hindi pumansin nito, LOSER!!!!!

Disclaimer: This is a copy of the invitation sent to me by my dear friend Nikki. Please all come and watch the play!</<

An hour and a half at Taft Ave.

Yesterday, I had the misfortune, rather, the pleasure, of spending an hour and a half at Taft Avenue. I was assigned by Claire, the News Editor of The Manila Collegian, to cover the Youth DARE Walk-Out/Human Chain at Philippine Christian University. Nery, another writer for MKule, was asked to accompany me.

Nery and I arrived there at around 4:45 in the afternoon, we met Gia and this other girl of Anakbayan, I think. We were there to cover the event and, of course, write about it.

The event was covered by ABS-CBN and GMA too. If you weren’t watching the news, you would think, “Too bad. I missed seeing Monique on TV.” But you should be thankful coz you missed nothing. LOL Why? I’m a low-profile person so I kept myself behind the camera. Hahaha.

I have an amusing and annoying story to tell. There was this guy, who I think was from PCU, who kept on asking people really weird stuff. First, Nery and I saw him talking to a reporter of GMA. We thought that he was also a writer for a school paper. He then went to our group then asked each of our names and from what school we were. When everyone was introduced, including I, he shot this shocking question at me: “Are you alone?” I don’t know what his definition of alone was. I couldn’t be “alone” because I’m surrounded by my colleagues. I answered, “Huh?” He then answered back, “Are you single?” Woah. Now that’s extreme. What is this guy doing in Taft Ave. asking a girl like me if I’m “alone”? We then ignored him after that. I thought that was the end of him. Wrong. He came back inquiring about personal info this time. Freaky. I pretended that I was writing something, in short, I snobbed him. Call me bad, but he’s rude.

Anyway, I don’t think I’d want to stay there at Taft again. People are touching me there… holding my hand… caressing my arms… etc. It’s freaky. It’s like you’re being harrassed and you’re not even aware of it. Oh well, I might just be exaggerating, my bad.

Anyway, the activity was stressful for there were a lot of noise, pollution, smoke, etc. Plus, we had to run from one end to another just to interview representatives of different orgs. That’s part of the job and I loved that part. 😀 Aside from writing, walking is one of my favorite things to do. Let’s just say that it’s part of my daily exercise. LOL

Oh well… that’s most of what happened yesterday. Was really tired by the end of the day. 😦

By the way, wanna know what made me feel less bored while waiting for the Human Chain to start? It was chatting with the cameramen and with Nery. Plus, I met lots of new people there so having small talks kept me sane. LOL

Hopefully, I’d get to write again at my blog more often. Help me find time. 😛

I haven’t had dinner yet and I’m hungry. Hahaha.

See ya guys! Mwah!