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just another day…

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oh well.. 🙂 all smiles.. at the moment.. i’m sitting here.. at G-Unit Net Cafe… might as well enjoy the moment.. but really.. i’m so tired.. i don’t know why.. it’s just that i spent the morning looking for somethng to wear.. and in the end.. i ended up dressing in a jogging pants..and a very loose shirt.. (our PE t-shirt way back in high school.. damn.. ) and my sneakers.. haay.. that’s it.. a very sporty outfit.. damn.. ksi naman.. i should have been wearing a spaghetti strap.. (red) and flowery shorts.. but.. someone rejected the idea.. damn.. oh well.. so here.. i also haven’t eaten my lunch.. damn.. what should i do..

enrolment ko na sa may 17.. someone should remind me that i have to get xrayed… coz it must be ready before the 17th.. oh well.. just dropping by here.. coz i haven’t really written anything for such a long time.. it seems like i can’t find something good to write about.. and when there is SOMETHING.. i end up not writing anything.. coz.. laziness strikes at the wrong time.. and sometimes.. im not in the mood.. what a perfect excuse

and besides.. i’m in hiding… so.. bihira na lang ako dito sa shop.. i’m hiding from someone.. next time ko na kwento.. coz that someone might read this.. accidentally.. errr.. basta.. the sex/gender is unidentified.. and the person goes by the name of ANONYMOUS.. bwaahahahahaha…

i gotta get going na… i miss all my friends.. and damn.. my sunburn is peeling na. rather.. exfoliating.. err…

(i’ll tell you about my batangas trip next time.. when i have the time..) :p 😉


Scholarship application day…

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today.. i rushed up the lacking documents for my scholarship application in up manila… those are the blah blah blahs.. okei.. so what? nothing.. this day is really boring.. nothing new… still no cellphone.. huhu.. 😦 oh well. twas my fault.. kasi m careless.. what should i do? still havent finished my sophie book.. damn.. i wish i have more time… more money.. haay.. i wanna watch BiG FISh kasi… recommended by jonah.. my dear friend.. haay.. sana my parents would allow me to go to batangas with my friends.. this is the Last time.. bago kami magpart ways for cOLLEGE… haay.. anyway.. tis reaLLy boring here.. (why the capitaL Ls?) because..the keyboards not working properLy. if its in Lowercase.. it would appear Like this: l€..badtrip.. imagine L with a euro sign.. eww.. gross.. so i have to make it big. damn.. missing my friends na… answer my frientest if you want.. remind me to add it in my Links.. yep! oh weLL.. gotta go now.. its weLL about our cLosing time.. nah… oh weLL.. gotta go.. (parang chat?) hehehe…


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haay.. bakit nga ba ganito??? ang sama sama ng pakiramdam ko… bakit…waahhh… a really bad thing happened to me.. NAWALA ang cell ko.. not actually nawala..more like stolen.. how could that happen to me?? waah.. ano na life k? being a cellphone addict.. waahh.. buti na lang walang galit sakin.. kaso they say.. na ang tanga tanga ko daw.. waah.. kasi naman ehh.. o well.. la na ko maggawa.. it was stolen yesterday..(april 12).. haay.. sana i have gained more wisdom para di na ako tnga.. lam mo ba yon? how it feels?? this is the 2nd time around.. oh well.. that’s a terribly expensive one pa naman.. waahh.. so ayon.. this is the story..

yesterday.. around 12:20 pm.. a guy.. wearing a green shirt.. a tall burly man.. with a long hair curled at the top.. entered the shop.. our shop.. magpapaprint daw sya.. so ayon.. i accepted his diskette.. without checking if it was broken or not.. so ayon.. i slipped the diskette inside the drive.. and proceeded to checking it for viruses.. fortunately.. NO VIRUS..but the diskette was damaged… but when I turned around to tell him that his diskette is damaged.. he was GONE.. with my cellphone.. wonder how he got it?? simple.. I was just finished having a phone conversation when he asked me to print his documents.. if ever there was really one.. anyway.. so i placed the cell on my desk.. my table.. being the super trusting person.. *which makes me really stupid*.. so he insisted that i check his diskette a lot of times.. and i said .yeah.. am already doing it.. and yeah.. it was damaged.. so there.. when i turned around.. he was gone.. i noticed that my phone was missing.. few minutes later.. oh.. what a fool am i!!.. duh.. i hate it.. when i trust people.. makes me feel stupid.. uggh….

so that was it.. anyway.. im just hoping that he would return it to me.. since it would really be useless to hm.. I had the phone blocked..and the sim disconnected..duh.. pipili na nga lang ng nanakawin..yong postpaid pa..haay.. stupid dn sya eh.. kaya yon.. ewan.. sana ibalik nya at makonsensya sya.. pag nakita ko yonn.. haay.. naku.. i have no idea kung ano gagawin or magagawa ko sa kanya.. syempre.. nireport na namn sa police.. pag naispatan sya.. huli sya.. haha.. haay.. hope we could catch the culprit.. parang justice na yon sa ibang nawalan ng cell.. haay.. wonder which is better.. having it LOST or STOLEN? anyway.. the result is the same naman.. fool.. kaya tuloy ngayon.. i really feel so down, upset.. and pathetic.. haay.. sana someone could make life better for me.. sana someone could make me feel better…

please GOD..

please help me..

😦 😦 😦

thank you.. @};-

Sophie’s World.. starting up..

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Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder

Today.. I still haven’t got over the fact that I have no more cellphone.. But, I must accept it.. This is life.. now.. for me.. anyway, I started reading “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder today.. The first 2 questions are really startling.. and the mysterious way they showed up.. maybe, if I were sophie.. I wouldn’t have given a thought to those.. just kidding.. I would have like been swallowed up in the philosophical world.. duh.. after reading “The Da Vinci Code”, I wanted and wished to have read more mystery and crime books.. especially if it discusses real world controversies.. “Sophie’s World” is like.. about life’s mysteries.. oh well.. I ought to read more.. anyway.. the questions keep on bugging me.. “Who are you?” and “Where does the world come from?”.. who am i? I am jean Monique Sanchez.. anyway. How does one answer such question? Like . “Who are you?” tell me.. how do you answer that question when you are asked that.. should one just say like.. “I am (insert name), (age) yrs. Old.. (sex)..studying at (current school).. etc..” or should one say.. “I am (insert traits.. positive and negative.. ” I really have no idea.. and.. I don’t wanna be asked that question.. I have no idea how to properly and correctly answer that one.. ugghh..

The other question.. “Where does the world come from?”.. san nga ba?? In school..they teach us about the different theories how the earth, solar system, galaxy, universe was created.. but what is the real explanation for the formation of the world.. where did it come from? Huh??! Where?? Surely.. it must have come from something.. nothing in the world just pops up.. right? Ang mushroom may pinanggalingan din.. haay.. kabwisit na mga tanong.. duh.. tao.. san nanggaling ang tao?? Where did everything come from? Give me some answers..

Answer me..

Clear me..

Enlighten me..

@};- ^_^ 🙂

PS.. I must commend Jostein Gaarder for his work.. entertaining at mysterious.. exciting.. at maganda ang mga names ng lugar.. clover close.. hahha.. captain’s bend.. lol..

PPS.. additional pics..

EDIT: Pictures removed!

ang aking pagtatapos…

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hay.. gotta switch code.. hehe.. ayon.. so april na!! I don’t know what to feel this summer.. dapat ba akong matuwa o malungkot???

I’ve missed writing here. sa totoo lang… nakakbaliw.. at hindi pa ako marunong maglayout ng page ko.. so kabadingan ang mga kulay dito.. diba? pansin nyo? pink.. blue.. hehe.. rainbow.. that’s my fave song anyway..

so dumaan ang march 31.. at sabi ko..magbblog ako.. pero anong nangyari? wala.. tinamad.. or should I say, nawalan ng time.. In the course of like 2 or more weeks.. ang dami nang nangyari sa aking buhay.. ano ano nga ba? siguro it would be useless to go in detail sa lahat ng mga events na nangyari.. so… ano ba?

ayon.. kwento ko na lang ang graduation.. nakakabaliw.. ayon.. nagising ako mga 8.. i remember.. then i jumped out of bed.. sa sobrang naisip ko na .. late na. para magsulat ng souvenirs.. that is, letters.. para sa mga kaibigan ko.. anyway.. i ended up writing letters na din. kahit short lang talga.. best wishes for graduation.. (Because of you.. playing right now) waah.. senti.. ayon so natapos din ako.. nagsusulat ako habang naliligo.. kumakain.. basta lang matapos ang mga sulat.. kaso, sa kasawiang palad.. hindi ko nasulatan lahat ng katropa ko.. anyway.. sana mapatawad nila ako.. ayon.. waah.. kasi ang call time daw 11:30 or 11 ata.. ng umaga.. wakekeke.. 😉 ayon.. so nagmamadali ako.. at recognition pa ng kapatid ko 1 pm.. sabay kami.. in short.. (bakit ang aga ng call time?) kasi.. ugali namin ang maging late.. kya kaylangan maaga ang call time para ayos lang s oras ang pasok.. haay.. at andun na kami.. dumating sa skul mga 11:45.. eh.. paglibot ng aking paningin.. la halos tao.. damn.. so sabi ko.. chowking muna tayo.. (sa lola at papa ko).. so dun na rin namin pinark ang kotse.. dahil sabi ni sir dids wag daw magpark sa skul kung ayaw matrap sa loob ng school.. (Gets nyo ba? HINDI.. ganito kasi.. ang grad namin sa parsci ilang oras lang ahead sa grad ng national.. eh ilan ba naman sila.. 2000+ eh kami’y 87 lang.. o diba? laki ng diperensya.. kaya yon..).. so naglakad kami sa ilalim ng init ng araw papuntang skul.. that is, after we ate sa chowking.. i drank iced tea and ate some siomai habang nagsusulat ng letters..

so nasa skul na.. pagdating namin dun.. biglang dumami tao.. mga 20 persons na lang siguro ang kulang.. at malapit na magstrt ang grad march.. so ako’y nakipila na at.. my father bought corsage for me.. kasi halos lahat ay meron.. as usual.. gagaya.. para di OP.. so ayon.. nagmartsa na.. papasok ng gym.. ang init!! grabe.. at ayan ang mga camera.. nagfflash lahat.. ay..ewan.. hehe.. syempre.. im proud.. gagraduate na kO! ayon.. at andun ang inevitable person na talagang inintay pa namin.. paimportante talga si LOLA.. sino si LOLA? ang aming *some text missing* (principal).. hehe.. baka may makabasa nito eh.. i pull out pa ang aking ewan.. wakeke.. ayon.. ilang minuto din kaming nakatayo.. dahil iniintay namin sya.. paeps talga.. tapos.. dumating din sa wakas.. at ayon..palakpakan kahit nakasimangot na lahat.. ayon.. so napakatindi pa rin ng pagsikat ng araw.. at napakainit.. grabe.. that day.. bigla akong nagkaallergy.. nangangati ako sobra.. hindi ko makamot ang likod ko.. gano man sya kakati.. pano ko kakamutin?? graduation eh.. katapat ko ang LOLA.. so yon.. todo text na lang ako..hehe.. todo vibrate ang cell ko.. buti na lang nasilent ko.. kung hindi.. center of attention ako..tsktsk.. ayon.. (current song: toxic.. kakadownload ko lang eh.. yeah!!) so ayon.. umakyat na ako ng stage.. at *%^#@(!%#%# grabe.. walang diploma.. (take notE: hanggang ngayon.. wala pa!!) damn.. ewan.. at guess what kung ano ang in place of the diploma.. a certificate from sti.. who cares about that??!!! haay.. grabe.. (current song: moonlight over paris) haay… balik senti..pero waah.. yoko na.. mahaba na ba??ewan.. basta. dami ko pa sasabhin.. so ayon.. kunwari na lang ..tapos na grad.. akyat sa stage para sa picturan.. nagmamadali ang lahat.. kasi .. kukunin na ng mga JUNIORS ang aming toga.. picture muna bago yon.. wakeke.. at ang aming mabait na theresa bum.. ay may malasakit na magannounce para malipon ang mga taga VISEC DAT MR JACKS T.. para sa isang dakilang picturan.. hehe.. ang tropang pauso talga.. hehe.. as my name was called.. todo takbo ako.. hinihila si papa.. para sa picturan.. wkekeke… ayon.. tapos ng picturan.. dineliver ko na ang mga liham na aking sinulat.. tapos.. akyt sa taas.. sa 3rd floor.. sa room namin.. tapos.. wala lang naman pala.. may catering daw.. pero sa mga nakakataas lang.. so ayon..picture muna with sir dids.. then.. oops.. nakalimutan ko ang dipoloma ko.. waah.. buti na lang di pa personalized yun.. hehe.. nakakuha ulit ako ng akin.. feeling ko nga magkakaappendicitis na ko nun eh..sumakit tyan ko eh.. so yon.. pumunta na kami sa mmpns.. para sa recog ni ish.. tapos.. nakita dun si kester.. ^#%@*@^# psst.. may 2 anak na daw sya.. kwento ni danna na kwnto ni franz.. aba ewan.. pero kagulat ah.. (sana di nya mabasa to).. ayon.. ewan na lang talga..tapos.. picture picture.. nakita ko ulit mga teachers at administrators I have to explain why I have makeup non.. ‘Graduation po namn ngayon..’ ayon.. tapos na.. at uwi na.. diretso kami sa ghetto.. bday ni mikey non.. kaso lang handa.. buong araw pa nga xang nagbantay sa ghetto eh.. haay.. what a birthday.. si mikey sobrang sipag.. luv ko tong bro ko na to eh.. anyway.. sandali lang ako dun..tapos uwi na ko.. antok na ko eh.. I have to rest na that was what I was supposed to do.. kaso .. nakita ko yung allergy mark ko sa likod.. *@$^#*@% haay.. korteng bra.. hehe.. joke nga ng kapatid ko eh.. swerte daw yon.. malalagay ako sa guiness.. a girl with 4 breasts.. hehe.. wakekek.. anyway.. buti na lang.. at gumaling din the next day.. nilagyan ni mommy ng vicks.. eh.. sarap.. so .. biglang naalala ko.. na kaylangan pala ipasa the next day ang cover sa poem ayon.. biglang naalerto ang senses ko.. pumunta na rin ako sa ghetto.. at.. andon si ate apes.. gumagawa din.. hehe.. wakeke.. ayon.. nakagawa na rin ako.. and Its pretty good for me.. araw sya.. on both sides.. pero magkaiba ng design.. and the printing cost me a lot. haay.. so that’s the end of my march.. 2004.. hehe..

hehe..gusto ko lang maglagay ng kada pics.. saya eh..

miss ko na sila sobra!

EDIT: Pictures removed!